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Grazing Impact on Brood Parasitism in the Black-capped Vireo
A.J. Locatelli, H.A. Mathewson, M.L. Morrison
Quail abundance, hunter effort, and harvest of two texas quail species: implications for hunting management
J.M. Tomeček, B.L. Pierce, M.J. Peterson
Golden-cheeked Warbler: new maximum longevity record
M.R. Colon, R.S. Holden, M.L. Morrison, T.M. McFarland, H.A. Mathewson
Presence-Only Species Distribution Models to Predict Suitability Over a Long-Term Study for a Species with a Growing Population
T.M. McFarland, J.A. Grzybowski, H.A. Mathewson, and M. L. Morrison
Black-capped Vireo breeding habitat in north-central Texas
A.M. Long, H.A. Mathewson, D.H. Robinson, J.A. Grzybowski, M.L. Morrison


A Comparison of Lead and Steel Shot Loads for Harvesting Mourning Doves
B.L. Pierce, T.A. Roster, M.C. Frisbie, C.D. Mason, J.A. Roberson
Occurrence of western scrub-jays (Aphelocoma californica) near forest edges in fragmented golden-cheeked warbler (Setophaga chrysoparia) habitat
J.A. Klassen, H.A. Mathewson
Influence of prescribed burning on bird abundance and species assemblage in a semiarid great plains grassland
A.M. Long, W.E. Jensen, R.S. Matlack
First documented observation of the federally endangered Golden-cheeked Warbler (Setophaga chrysoparia) in Oklahoma
A.M. Long, D.S. Finn, J.A. Grzybowski, M.L. Morrison, H.A. Mathewson
Spatial and temporal distribution of oak wilt in golden-cheeked warbler habitat
L. R. Stewart, M. L. Morrison, D. N. Appel, and R. N. Wilkins


Effects of a Forest Pathogen on Habitat Selection and Quality for the Endangered Golden-Cheeked Warbler
L. R. Stewart, M. L. Morrison, M. R. Hutchinson, D. N. Appel, and R. N. Wilkins
Recent collection of a false spike (Quadrula mitchelli) in the San Saba River, Texas, with comments on habitat use
B. Sowards, E.T. Tsakiris, M. Libson, and C.R. Randklev
Understanding nest success and brood parasitism in the endangered Black-capped Vireo: comparisons with two sympatric songbirds
A. J. Campomizzi, H. A. Mathewson, M. L. Morrison, C. M. Lituma, T. J. Conkling, M. C. Cocimano, S. L. Farrell, R. N. Wilkins, and J. A. Butcher
Modeling spatially explicit densities of endangered avian species in a heterogeneous landscape
B. A. Collier, S. L. Farrell, A. M. Long, A. J. Campomizzi, K. B. Hays, J. L. Laake, M. L. Morrison, and R. N. Wilkins
Tree species composition and food availability affect productivity of an endangered species: The Golden-cheeked Warbler
M. E. Marshall, M. L. Morrison, and R. N. Wilkins
New distributional records for four rare freshwater mussel species (Family: Unionidae) in southwestern Louisiana
C.R. Randklev, J. Skorupski, B.J. Lundeen, and E.T. Tsakiris
Is False Spike, Quadrula mitchelli (Bivalvia: Unionidae), extinct? First account of a very-recently deceased individual in over thirty years
C.R. Randklev, E.T. Tsakiris, M.S. Johnson, J. Skorupski, L.E. Burlakova , J. Groce, and N. Wilkins
Woodlands as quality breeding habitat for black-capped vireos
T. L. Pope, M. L. Morrison, and R. N. Wilkins
A range-wide survey of the endangered black-capped vireo in Texas
T. M. McFarland, H. A. Mathewson, J. E. Groce, M. L. Morrison, R. N. Wilkins
Using LiDAR-derived vegetation metrics for high-resolution, species distribution models for conservation planning
S. L. Farrell, B. A. Collier, K. L. Skow, A. M. Long, A. J. Campomizzi, M. L. Morrison, K. B. Hays, and R. N. Wilkins
Status of the freshwater mussel (Unionidae) communities of the mainstem of the Leon River, Texas
C.R. Randklev, M.S. Johnson, E.T. Tsakiris, J. Groce, N. Wilkins
Effects of adult behavior and nest-site characteristics on black-capped vireo nest survival
T.L. Pope, T. J. Conkling, K. N. Smith, M. R. Colón, M. L. Morrison, and R. N. Wilkins
Managing brown-headed cowbirds to sustain abundance of black-capped vireos
K. N. Smith, A. J. Campomizzi, M. L. Morrison, and R. N. Wilkins

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