Research Reports

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Cities of San Antonio and Fair Oaks Ranch Water Policy Analysis
Texas A&M Insititute of Renewable Natural Resources, Texas Water Resources Institute
Conservation status of the federally endangered Golden-cheeked Warbler
Texas A&M IRNR


Distribution of extant populations of Quadrula mitchelli (false spike)
C.R. Randklev, E.T. Tsakiris, R.G. Howells, J. Groce, M.S. Johnson, J. Bergmann, C. Robertson, A. Blair, B. Littrell, and N. Johnson


New and confirmed fish hosts for the threatened freshwater mussel Lampsilis bracteata
M.S. Johnson, P.D. Caccavale, C.R. Randklev, and J.R. Gibson
Taxonomic Status of Pigtoe Unionids in Texas
R. G. Howells, C. R. Randklev, N. B. Ford
Estimating the distribution and abundance of the black-capped vireo in Texas
T. M. McFarland, H. A. Mathewson, M. L. Morrison, R. T. Snelgrove, J. E. Groce, K. Skow, B. A. Collier, R. N. Wilkins

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