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Distribution of extant populations of Quadrula mitchelli (false spike)
C.R. Randklev, E.T. Tsakiris, R.G. Howells, J. Groce, M.S. Johnson, J. Bergmann, C. Robertson, A. Blair, B. Littrell, and N. Johnson


New and confirmed fish hosts for the threatened freshwater mussel Lampsilis bracteata
M.S. Johnson, P.D. Caccavale, C.R. Randklev, and J.R. Gibson
Taxonomic Status of Pigtoe Unionids in Texas
R. G. Howells, C. R. Randklev, N. B. Ford
Estimating the distribution and abundance of the black-capped vireo in Texas
T. M. McFarland, H. A. Mathewson, M. L. Morrison, R. T. Snelgrove, J. E. Groce, K. Skow, B. A. Collier, R. N. Wilkins


First account of a living population of False Spike, Quadrula mitchelli (Bivalvia: Unionidae), in the Guadalupe River, Texas
C.R. Randklev, M.S. Johnson, E.T. Tsakiris, S. Rogers-Oetker, K.J. Roe, S. McMurray, C. Robertson, J. Groce, N. Wilkins
Mantle flap variation in Texas Fatmucket (Lampsilis bracteata)
R.G. Howells, C.R. Randklev, M.S. Johnson
Effects of Habitat Characteristics, Nest-site Selection, and Adult Behavior on Black-capped Vireo Nest and Fledgling Survival
T. L. Pope
The Range and Distribution of Sceloporus Arenicolus in Texas
L. A. Fitzgerald, C. W. Painter, T. J. Hibbits, W. A. Ryberg, N. Smolensky, K. L. Skow
The Wildlife Society Review of the Study on Golden-cheeked Warbler Population Distribution and Abundance and Associated Manuscripts
J. R. Dunk, P. B. Hamel, R. Peak, W. Thogmartin, F. R. Thompson III
Canopy Characteristics Affecting Avian Reproductive Success: the Golden-cheeked Warbler
J. A. Klassen
Effects of Tree Species Composition and Foraging Effort on the Productivity of Golden-cheeked Warblers
M. E. Marshall
Nesting Ecology and Multi-scale Habitat Use of the Black-capped Vireo
K. N. Smith

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