Research and Management System for Endangered Species

Highway Noise and Construction Impact Assessment:  Highway 83, Real County

Project Lead: Laura Stewart and Anthony Locatelli

Principle Investigators: Mike Morrison and Heather Mathewson

Collaborators: Joe Szewczak, Humboldt State University

Hwy83We are performing a four-year impact assessment of highway construction noise on the golden-cheeked warbler along Highway 83. Research occurs on privately-owned land in Real County and at Garner State Park in Uvalde County, Texas. We want to determine how noise in these construction zones affects the breeding success and behaviors of the warblers and whether potential changes in the timing or intensity of construction activities would be beneficial to the management of the species. Research objectives include determining: 1) the influence of the impacts on the abundance of birds in relation to distance from the road; 2) the spatial and temporal influence of the impacts on breeding success and behavior in relation to distance from the road; and 3) the extent to which vocal adjustment or other behaviors is being utilized by birds in response to unnatural noise. We are collaborating with Zac Loman and Joe Szewczak from Humboldt State University in Arcata, California. They use Automatic Recording Units (ARUs) to gather audio data on the warblers’ songs and ambient noise.

Former Project Leaders: Melissa Lackey, Zac Loman


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